Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation


Reported at the annual meeting of American college of gastroenterology.

Chronic constipation may predispose affected patient to developing colon cancer and benign neoplasms, according to analysis of data from a large retrospective U.S. Claims database.

The risk of developing colon cancer was 1.78 times higher among 28,000 adults with chronic constipation than among 86,000 controls without chronic constipation and the risk of developing benign neoplasms was 2.7 times higher in those with chronic constipation.

Stomach-pain-ResizeThe researchers matched control subjects who have never been diagnosed with constipation and never had a prescription filled for laxatives during the observation period. The prevalence of colon cancer in this study was 2.7% in the patients and 1.7% in the controls. The prevalence of benign neoplasms was 24.8% in the patients and 11.9% in the controls.

The postulate link is that lower transit times increase their duration of contact between the colonic mucosa and concentrated carcinogens such as bile acids in the lumen, was reported. The study stated this association deserves further investigation to more thoroughly explore and better understand the causable link. The study emphasized that further study is needed and practitioners should be aware of the potential relationship between chronic constipation and the development of colon cancer and benign neoplasms and should monitor and treat patients accordingly.


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