DEAN R. SILVER, M.D. Life Extension Medical Protocol


Antiaging medicine and life extension.

I am board certified, specializing in antiaging medicine, life extension, internal medicine, and cardiology. Using antiaging medicine and life extension, I have reversed many of my own chronic disease. I practice integrative and preventive medicine along with the traditional allopathic medicine. In 2000, I had a CT scan and PET scan which was compatible with a lymphoma in my chest and it is now gone. I recently had a circulating cancer stem cell test which was negative and I have no cancer in my body.


In addition to this, in 2000, I also had heart disease with chest pain on heavy exertion.

I also reversed this with integrative and alternative treatments. This monograph is about me and about things I have learned in my journey studying both traditional and alternative medicine.

I am now a leader in the antiaging life extension revolution. It has now being practiced around the world for the last 20 years and in over 110 nations by at least 26,000+ physicians worldwide.

I am proud that I was one of the first physicians in the United States to receive my certification by the American Board of Antiaging Medicine, and I have been an oral examiner, giving oral board certification to doctors around the world. I have dedicated my life to education, bringing new technologies, and antiaging issues and life extension issues to myself, my family, my friends, and my patients.

Antiaging medicine is a clinical speciality that specializes in prevention, early detection, and reversal of age related disease.

I feel that it is the most important new model for health care in this century. Today, scientists know much more about how a body deteriorates and how our bodies get diseased.

The point to remember is that aging is not inevitable and for the first time in human history, due to new medical breakthroughs, we have new information about the keys to aging. This monograph will discuss this in great detail and I hope you continue reading on.

The baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964 like me, have looked at traditional medical paradigms used by traditional doctors and are not happy. They are excellent for acute care but they fail when it comes to chronic disease.

In a traditional medical paradigm there is no mention of prevention. We baby boomers are demanding a new approach to aging. What is important to me and my patient is being functional and having the ability to enjoy our lives. I want to rectangularize my lifespan and that of my patients, that is to say, I want to live a long time and die of a sudden death.


There are a few inherited genetic diseases, there are infections and there is trauma. But these do not account for much for the cost of treatment, only approximately 10%. Ninety percent or most of the health care dollars on spent on disease of aging and most is spent on the last two to three years of life on chemotherapy, intensive care unit visits, and costly medications.

Since I have been sick myself and cured myself with this new cutting edge medicine my desire now is to teach others what I have learned.

I feel that disease is due to genes, toxins, and biochemical individuality. That is to say, we are different in our genes that our book of life is different. The good news is that you the patient are in control of your genetic expression and you are in the driver’s seat.

Depending on how you eat, how you sleep, what you do, and all the environmental factors we can express good or bad genes. What I am saying is that you can influence your outcome and the diseases you will get. Scientists realize we are no longer genetically hardwired.

Our genes are not our destiny but our genetic expression or epigenomics is our destiny.



Free radicals occur in our mitochondria several million times a second. The organ that has the most mitochondria in our body is the heart, because it beats everyday of our life.

These free radicals, which I incidentally measure in my patients, are very dangerous and bad molecules. They occur in the mitochondria which are the little batteries in our bodies that gives us the energy that we need. The help us metabolize protein, carbohydrates, and fats. We need them for our existence. When the free radicals are too high the batteries cannot work and there is destruction with loss of energy and abnormal proteins until destruction. The redox potential of the mitochondria is the essence of life . It tells us how the mitochondria are working.

Free radicals lead to all of the diseases of aging including heart disease, cataracts, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. I have developed testing for these free radicals, as well as the necessary antioxidants to squelch the free radicals and maintain good levels for our health.

I also use several different modalities in my treatments which include raising my own antioxidant system which is in my mitochondria. The testing I will describe later on in this talk, stay tuned. The I repair the mitochondria .


Inflammation is a chronic total body inflammation, which is usually a defense to a specific agent such as infection with a bacteria, fungus, virus, or toxin such as a heavy metal. It can also be with electromagnetic radiation or any type of injury. Poor nutrients and poor diet can also cause this.

Unfortunately, it is associated with aging and is seen in cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, allergies, autoimmune, kidney disease, etc., and of course, it intimately related to free radicals damage. This is something else that I measure in my patients and is part of my workup.

I use natural antiinflammatories to lower the amount of inflammation and after extensive testing, I eliminate the offending agent by many treatments.


Glycation is where a molecule of sugar and a molecule of protein fuse and crosslink together. What happens is that the tissues get stiff and tough and they make these toxins called advanced glycation end-products. These are extremely toxic to the body, and guess what, they also generate more free radicals and more inflammation.

Glycation is especially seen in diabetics and patients with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, lens cataracts, heart disease, kidney disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s just to mention a few. You need to learn how to cook your foods at a low temperature and avoid blackened and fried foods.

I test for elevated glycation, as well as metabolic syndrome and do extensive testing for not only diabetes but prediabetes and insulin resistance. Combing this with nutraceuticals, hormones, detoxification, and intravenous therapy, as well as diet and exercise the patient can improve. I also use magenet treatments, photon therapy and others are used.


Hormones decline as we age. Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, aldosterone, melatonin, and thyroid, as well as growth hormone act as an orchestra, keeping our bodies optimum. I do testing with either a 24-hour urine or salivary hormones which I feel is the best way to check hormones. After extensive testing, a bioidentical program is instituted to maintain optimal levels. I have been on hormones since 2000. I have lost fifty pounds, lowered my blood pressure, lowered my cholesterol, and lowered my blood sugar, as well as improved my osteoporosis. To be mentioned later, hormones also turn on telomeres which can actually prolong and turn back the clock of our biologic age.


Telomeres are at the end of our genes and maintain genomic stability. As we age due to free radicals, inflammation, low hormones, vitamins and mineral deficiencies, as well as toxics and infections our telomeres shorten and with that we grow old.

I perform telomere testing to ascertain the biologic age, and then institute several modalities to maintain a more youthful level. The final reason, and probably one of the most important reasons we age is decreased oxygen utilization. As we age oxygen utilization in our cells goes down and free radicals and inflammation goes up. With this comes shortened telomeres and increasing biologic age.


The most important way to raise your oxygen utilization, in my opinion, is to use intravenous ozone, which I perform under an investigation research board, in my office.


You are welcome to go to my website to see a full dissertation on ozone and a PowerPoint presentation.


Testing is the key to prevention! Reverse the hands of time! You can now measure your biologic age, your free radicals, the amount of mutation and you can even measure your genes to see your genetic makeup, and guess what? I also perform cancer screening, as well as, if you do have cancer we do chemosensitivity and natural substances testing to find out how to actually kill your cancer.

Learn how your body works. Learn how the batteries of the mitochondria in you increase your energy. Learn how to think clearer. Learn how to burn fat. Are your hormones at an optimal level? Are you toxic with heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum or cadmium?

Learn how to detoxify them. Have you been exposed to plastics and pesticides? Have you been in Vietnam and seen Agent Orange dropped by the airplanes? Have you been in Iraq and been vaccinated with multiple vaccines and been exposed to multiple toxins?

Learn how to get rid of these toxins and reduce your toxic load for a longer and healthier life! Do you have hidden food allergies and infections which manifest themselves as disease, obesity, arthritis, and brain fog? Did you know that a simple change in your diet like avoiding gluten could change your life? If you wish to learn more about these tests and changing your life for the better, please read on.

Why wait until you are sick? Measure your genes, infections, measure your metabolism, your vitamin levels, your toxins and start on a new personalized revolutionary antiaging program today.


Life extension medicine is slowing the rate at which an individual ages and thereby extending life expectancy. It is also is increasing the length of time the patient is disease free. Lastly, there is improvement in the quality of life through greater vitality, mental acuity, and overall zest for life.

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating disease usually by using costly surgery and drugs, longevity medicine is built on methods unique to each person. They are based on the person’s genes, toxins, and biochemical individuality.


While Americans are overfeed, we are undernourished and it is killing us. We know now that the nutrients in foods play a big role in our body function. We know that as we age it is affected by stress, toxic load, impaired immune system, unbalanced hormones, and free radicals of the mitochondria.

THE FOLLOWING IS a health questionnaire based on how our body functions.

You will see that the body is a web. The web is composed of digestion and elimination of food, detoxification, immunity, our messaging system, and our transportation highway.

Finally, our batteries need to be working well to make energy.



No single gene controls the presence or absence of a chronic disease. Our pattern of health and illness is determined by how? Families of genes are expressed, and that expression can be influenced and altered by a range of lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors. These factors include exercise, stress, pollutants, phytonutrients, foods, and all the toxins that are bodies are exposed to daily.

Chronic illness is a result of an imbalance of one or more processes in our body.

These imbalances derive from the interaction between our genes and our lifestyle, diet, and environment.

The problem is the imbalances change the function and over time they affect the organs. After the organ is affected we then label it as a “disease.” What we need to realize is that we are in the driver’s seat and can bring this back into balance.


A diagnosis of chronic illness comes after a period of declining function. If your declining function has not yet begun to decline or has only just begun to decline, now is the best time to start my program. This is when we have the greatest positive effect on your health.

Each person’s response to lifestyle, dietary, and environmental factors is unique to his or her genetic makeup.

This is saying that every individual genetic makeup is unique, and each of us, therefore, experiences a unique response to lifestyle, diet, and environment. This is saying that a lifestyle in diet and environment that are optimal for one individual might be a poison for another.



Most pharmaceutical drugs are designed for potency in blocking a specific step in complex physiologic network associated with a targeted condition of be it health. Over time, however, there potency may affect a collateral off target organ, with potential adverse impact.

We can all remember the several drugs that have been taken off of the market over the last several years. We can all remember Fen-Phen the diet or Vioxx that cause people’s death. These drugs were OK in the acute phase but after chronic administration they resulted in disease.

Since most chronic disease illnesses need to be managed for long-term, the safest use of drugs will be as late as possible in the progression of the illness. I prefer to always try natural nutraceuticals first.



I feel that food is information and we know it definitely talks to our genes and changes genetic expression. Food is the cornerstone of a personalized program and can really make a difference.

I feel that we should all be eating a low-glycemic diet. The low-glycemic diet should not raise blood sugar or insulin rapidly after eating. There should be a proper balance of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids.

We need to minimize trans fats and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. In addition, I feel food should contain a high level of phytonutrients aimed at supporting our own healthy genetic expression. These include the vibrant colored vegetables, instead of the flour laden inflammatory processed foods.

The Mediterranean and Paleolithic diet are ideal but needs to be personalized to each patient. It is low in sugars and in such processed foods as white flour products. It contains adequate amounts of whole foods, vegetables, legumes, rice, and spices to meet phytonutrient needs. It also has enough food containing omega-3 oils to provide a balance of fats.

Many studies have shown that participants eating the Mediterranean diet had a death rate 50% lower than that of people who did not follow this way of eating.


Obviously, we know that smoking kills, alcohol and drug abuse are not good. Obviously, these need to be avoided. Things like exercise are also very extremely important to us in all aspects of our health. I feel that it is important to incorporate activities that build endurance, strength, and flexibility to our bodies.

I instruct my patients to bring their pulse and respiration into the aerobic training zone calculated at 180 minus your age in years. Exercise should have a minimal impact on the joints and muscles and should be done routinely for five to six days a week. The standard should be five to six sessions of at least 20 minutes per session. The excuse of not having enough time is unwarranted. If we compare the benefits, we now know that it is sending a positive message to our genes, so it is a good investment in your health.

The other thing we need to do is use relaxation and mindfulness techniques to lower the stress of our busy world. Clearly, no one can avoid it altogether but we need to realize that stress is affecting our health. We need to focus on the people or contributors that we can control to reduce our stress load.


I feel as many scientists do that our personal impact on the environment can have many influences on our personal health. The following are things that I try to do everyday.

  • To eat organic foods as much as possible.
  • To avoid excess sun exposure.
  • To drink alkaline water or reverse osmosis water in metal or glass container.
  • To use a headset with our cellphones.
  • To avoid processed foods and personal products with synthetic ingredients.
  • To wash our hands before eating.
  • To avoid environments that support bad health.
  • To design our own environment to be safe places to live.

Everyone can plant a garden. Everyone can exercise. Everyone can wash their hands before eating. Everyone can try to do the best for their bodies.


The last element that I want to speak on is nutritional supplements taken along when appropriate with prescription medications. I feel that dietary supplements or medical foods are the therapies of choice to top up, as needed, on unidentified nutrient insufficiency after I measure it with appropriate testing in my patients.

After appropriate testing looking at vitamins, minerals, free radicals, as well as antioxidant levels a personalized program is developed for each patient.



  1. Do you alternate between constipation and urgency?
  2. Do you get indigestion?
  3. Do your stools have an oily appearance?
  4. Do you suffer from frequent intestinal bloating?
  5. Do you get stomach pains?
  6. Do you frequently get gastric reflux?
  7. Do you get headaches?
  8. Are you allergic or sensitive?
  9. After eating do you find you experience joint pain or muscle pain?
  10. Do you have bad breath?
  11. Are you depressed or have mood swings?
  12. Do you have trouble keeping your weight?
  13. Is your blood sugar elevated?
  14. Do you suffer from kidney stones?
  15. Is your blood pressure higher than it should be?

Indigestion is a common complaint in my patients and most of my patients are usually on an acid blocker and they are usually on it for life. I have found in my experience and it is quite frequent and sometimes it occurs with particular foods that are triggering the response, so identifying the trigger food is essential.

When I see a patient, I also realize that indigestion could be an enzyme deficiency, easily resolved with a digestive enzyme supplement, or could even single an infection from a food-borne bacteria called helicobacter pylori.

Oily stool could possibly be pancreatic insufficiency or the need again for enzymes. It could also be the gallbladder malfunctioning and not releasing enough bile acids. So, therefore, you might want to lower the fat in your diet. These are early signs of gallstone formation and poor assimilation of fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins. Therefore, it is important to take this seriously.

If you have headaches, intestinal pain, bath breath, or mood swings you may be sensitive to foods such as dairy products, grain products with gluten such as wheat, rye, barley and oats, sugar foods, and foods high in saturated fats or fried foods. If this is so, you will probably want to get allergy tested and maintain a healthy bowel flora.

We can also check your digestion capabilities to see if you need pancreatic enzymes or good flora. Maybe you have an infection that should be looked at, we do testing in the office to provide this.

The whole concept is balance, we try to identify the foods that the patient is sensitive or allergic to by appropriate testing. These are then removed and the diet is changed with digestive enzyme support or a prebiotic and probiotic used.

We then attempt to repair the whole gastrointestinal tract to improve the patient’s quality of life.


  1. Are you sensitive to fragrance and odors?
  2. What about foods any sensitivities?
  3. Sensitive to particular medications?
  4. To alcohol?
  5. Do you get a bad reaction from MSG in the food?
  6. Do you have sensitivity to caffeine?
  7. Have you been sick from exposure to chemicals?
  8. Does cigarette smoke bother you and make you sick?
  9. Are you sensitive to smoke or pollution?
  10. Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling as though you have been drugged?
  11. Have you ever had unexplained skin rashes?
  12. Do you ever experience brain fog?
  13. Do you feel a tingling in your hands or feet?
  14. Is there consistent ringing in your ears?
  15. Do you experience muscle pain?

The questions above measure your personal sensitivity to environmental exposure and reveal possible sensitivity to chronic toxicity.

These toxins interfere with the bodies immune system, nervous system, and hormone producing systems in the body. The patient usually has symptoms from toxicity to these places. In addition, the more body fat, the greater the opportunity for fat storage of toxins, it means that the body fat can contribute to chronic toxicity, which in turn contributes to metabolic poisoning and increased risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, elevated blood pressure, kidney disease, neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and certain forms of cancer.

I believe that dietary changes are key in the fact to restoring balance in your detox system.

These include many vitamins such as B vitamin, minerals, iron, zinc, magnesium, NAC, as well as phytonutrients found in broccoli, brussel sprouts, green tea, pomegranate, watercress, tumeric, hops, and kudzu just to mention a few. The detox diet should consist of organic vegetables, lean poultry, safe wild fish, phytonutrients, and complexes. I feel that wheat products, caffeine, sugars and artificial sweeteners, chocolates, alcohol, synthetic colorings and flavorings, as well as preservatives should be avoided.

I see many chronically toxic patients. These result in diseases ranging from fatigue, fibromyalgia, low energy, brain fog, elevated liver enzymes, mood swings, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Alzheimer’s, as well as cancer and heart disease.

For these people we do nutritional detoxification IVs when the patients need to be supercharged and feel better faster.

In some cases diet is not enough. In addition to this, we do intravenous ozone under an investigational research board which has been shown to lower many of the toxins in the body.

We also do, to be discussed later, other detoxification methods including far infrared sauna detoxification, photon lymphatic detoxification with a light beam generator, as well as PEMF, which is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy that help increase detoxification capabilities and raise the mitochondrial energy produced in the body.

The oxygenation therapy such as ozone and hyperbaric will also be discussed later on in this monograph. Additionally, heavy metal detox (Chelation) these shall be discussed later on in this monograph.


  1. Do you tend to get a cold and get the flu every winter?
  2. Do you have some joint pains that are made worse by a little exercise?
  3. Ever get skin rashes of unknown allergen.
  4. Are you unusually sensitive to the sun?
  5. Do your joints swell up?
  6. Do you suffer joint pain in your hands, wrists, ankles, or feet?
  7. Are you losing your muscle strength?
  8. Is your grip getting weaker?
  9. Do you have chronic sinus infections?
  10. Are you getting fungal infections like athletes foot?
  11. Do you have frequent bladder infections or urinary tract infections?
  12. Do you have chronic intestinal pain or discomfort?
  13. Do you have dental problems with perennial allergies?
  14. Does it feel to you that your leg or back is chronic?
  15. Do you take any inflammatory medication regularly?
  16. Do you frequently take any pain pills?
  17. Have you ever been exposed to viruses such as Epstein Barr, Herpes virus, candida albicans, Lyme disease, entamoeba, cryptosporidium, HIV, cytomegalovirus, and clostridium.

If you are experiencing the above questions, you are experiencing increased infections and inflammation which indicates too little activity of your immune system.

The way to address your low immune system is to both reduce the exposure to foreign substances and provide the things that the immune system needs to send the correct messages to the genes that control the inflammation. I use immune stabilizing foods, as well as nutraceuticals and intravenous therapies in my patients.

I have been using intravenous ozone for fifteen years and it is well-known in the medical literature to kill infections and raise immunity. We use other immunity intravenous therapies also along with pemf magnets, far infrared sauna, photon therapy and hyperbaric oxygen.


  1. Do you suffer from arthritis like pains?
  2. Do you have night sweats?
  3. Does change in the weather produce joint pain?
  4. Do you suffer from low energy in the morning that takes until noon to overcome?
  5. Do you feel wired and tired?
  6. Is your libido low?
  7. Are you chronically depressed?
  8. Are you forgetful?
  9. Is it difficult to sleep or stay asleep?
  10. Do you have chronic infections in your sinus, tonsils, intestines, or mouth?
  11. Are you on blood pressure medication?
  12. Do you take any depressants?

If you answered yes, then you are spreading alarm messages to the cells, tissues, and organs around your body. These messages are talking to neurotransmitters that regulate nervous function, as well as cytokines that control inflammation and the immune system.

The stress hormones that influence arousal and metabolic function, the sex steroid hormones that regulate reproduction and energy function. In addition, the adipokines from adipose tissue that regulates appetite and metabolic function. Imbalances of these cause problems. And of course this is closely linked to the food, digestion and elimination, the detoxification, and your immunity.

Hormones are extremely important in the cell to cell communication in the body and they powerfully modulate genetic expression. They communicate and modify all psychologic responses.

In fact, they affect every aspect of our function from muscle strength and integrity to mood and mental function, from reproductive health to how we manage stressful events, and how we look and feel. As you are well aware, the postmenopausal woman has significant adverse symptoms such as night sweats, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, and mood swings.

We can attempt to modulate hormones using diet, exercise, as well as phytonutrient supplementation, relaxation, and bioidentical natural hormones. Of course, detoxification is extremely important as is digestion and immunity.


  1. Do you frequently experience brain fog, find it hard to focus?
  2. Is your blood sugar count higher than it should be?
  3. Do you frequently suffer from digestive problems if you eat high protein foods?
  4. Do you feel sleepy from time to time, especially after a meal?
  5. Have you gained weight?
  6. Have your blood triglycerides gone up?
  7. Do you have high blood pressure?
  8. Have you noticed a loss of muscle over the last few years?
  9. Is your LDL cholesterol higher than it should be?
  10. Do you take a statin drug?
  11. Has your doctor told you to cut back on the amount of cholesterol in your diet?
  12. Have you been told that you have reduced kidney function?
  13. Is your vision as sharp as it once was?
  14. Do you have any concerns about the health of your heart or blood vessels?

This health questionnaire revolves around the transportation of critical nutrients such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as well as legumes. If you answered yes, it is a transportation problem.

An imbalance in the transfer of proteins can be related to either a dietary protein insufficiency or not eating a quality protein. Protein in the diet is essential for health and of course, the quality of the protein is important. This refers to the type of amino acids in the protein and whether the protein is digestible.

If you have a problem with transport of blood sugar, then you want to modify your diet to include more protein, slightly lower carbohydrate content, and a modest fat intake in the form of omega-3 and omega-9 oils from fish and virgin olive oil, respectively. This is of course, what is called the Mediterranean diet.

Defects in glucose metabolism first show up as insulin resistance which then proceeds to metabolic syndrome leading to type II diabetes.

I perform many tests that I feel need to be done early to see if the patient has experienced insulin resistance before it goes on to full blown diabetes. Of course, dietary changes such as minimizing carbohydrate intake are essential. The right kind of unrefined starches are important.

We need to reduce our intake of white starch and sugar and increase our minimally processed vegetables and beans to maintain a low glycemic index.


  1. Do you routinely feel a fatigue you cannot explain?
  2. Are eight hours of sleep not enough a day?
  3. Do you get muscle pain even after moderate exercise?
  4. Do you have brain fog?
  5. Do you have trouble walking up and down a flight of stairs? Are you excessively winded when doing so?
  6. Do you have trouble walking up and down a flight of stairs? Are you excessively winded when doing so?
  7. Do you have low energy?
  8. Do worry about undertaking an activity that incorporates exercise?
  9. Do you feel that you just do not have enough energy?
  10. Do you frequently get headaches for no known reason?
  11. Has your sense of smell and taste gotten worse?
  12. Are you forgetting things?
  13. Do you feel older than your age?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you are having a breakdown in your batteries. These batteries are called mitochondria which are your cellular energy powerhouses.

The first organs to be involved when there is decreased mitochondrial function include the brain, muscle, and the heart. If you are experiencing these you may have memory issues, mood problems, exercise intolerance, chronic pain, or poor cardiovascular tone and function.

This is part of my basic evaluation of patients, where I look at their mitochondrial disfunction, as well as things to resuscitate and restore their mitochondrial balance. If you are suffering the above problems you probably have mitochondrial dysfunction.

Remember that when there is mitochondrial dysfunction there is low oxygen and increased free radicals with inflammation. It is a vicious cycle.

My treatment for mitochondrial resuscitation aims at restoring negative membrane potential, as well as energy output. This is done with oral, as well as intravenous therapies along with intravenous ozone. Remember that mitochondrial dysfunction leads to fatigue, fibromyalgia, weight gain, cataracts, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s, multiple sclerosis, and all of the diseases of chronic aging including cancer.

I feel that measuring mitochondrial dysfunction is paramount in my program. In addition to this, we use PEMF therapy, as well as photon therapy and other oxygen therapies with IV ozone to restore mitochondrial functions.

If there is a coexisting infection or toxic metal present this will also be addressed. I see many autoimmune patients in my practice, which is discussed elsewhere on my website, and please go there if you wish to read more details. Again, with autoimmune disease there is mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, and free radicals.



I use advanced nutritional testing because many patients experience chronic illness because of nutritional deficiencies. I test these to determine if they are the root cause of conditions, which I feel in most cases in most of my patients, as well as myself they were.

The nutritional testing that I perform includes a metabolic analysis that assesses 45 key organic acids. They look at areas of malabsorption and dysbiosis, cellular energy, mitochondrial metabolism, neurotransmitter metabolism, vitamin deficiencies, toxic exposure, and detoxification needs.


I measure a total of 41 amino acids. This is to nutritionally asses not only the essential but the nonessential amino acids, as well as intermediary metabolites that are necessary to support protein, digestion, and absorption.


This test provides a high level overview of the various families of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. In addition, saturated fatty acids, and monounsaturated omega-7 and trans fats are tested. The omega-3 index is also included.


This test looks at intracellular nutrients status and toxic elements which evaluate short-term toxic elements.


Oxidative stress evaluates the free radical load, otherwise known as lipid peroxidase and the antioxidant capacity. Oxidative injury is assessed using a shell membrane exam of the lipid peroxidase and DNA (8-Hydroxydeguanosine/8-OHdG damage).

There is also a direct measurement of glutathione, as well as two times of counteract free radical damage. In addition to this, I am able to check superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, as well as catalase when indicated.


We perform salivary hormones which I feel are best to measure because these evaluate free hormones. In addition to this, CRP-high sensitivity, fibrinogen, homocysteine, vitamin D, and others are also measured.


Genetic testing is done for evaluation of SNPs testing. This stands for Single nucleotide polymorphisms. On a case to case basis, I am able to look at the detoxification genes, cardiac genes, breast cancer genes, immunity genes, neurology genes and osteoporosis genes.

These are ordered on a case by case a basis. These are increased risks of disease, especially when patients are exposed to environmental toxins.

Some testing also reveals potentially susceptibility of adverse drug reactions. In addition, we are able to check genes that regulate blood pressure, lipid balance, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

These tests undercover potential genetic susceptibilities to high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, thrombosis, and stroke.

These genes are concerning cholesterol regulations in arthrosclerosis, methylation, hypertension, and coagulation. These genes are associated with the ability to breakdown fats, and how cholesterol is processed, as well as sodium and water retention, high blood pressure, and the risk of an overactive blood clotting system resulting in thrombosis, heart attacks, and strokes.


Stool analysis is important to your overall health. The intestinal tract contains significant amounts of bacteria which when imbalanced are associated with irritable bowel syndrome, IBD, immune disorders, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Balancing microflora of the gut is key for optimizing digestion absorption of nutrients.

Poor digestion and malabsorption can lead to immune dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, mental and emotional disorders, and autoimmune disease. Testing is done for both anaerobes, as well as anaerobic bacteria, parasites, absorption, inflammation, and other markers of gut immune function and integrity.


Stress is a major underlying concerning chronic illness. A stressful life can lead to high levels of cortisol and low levels of Shea which can be damaging to the brain and other tissues. High cortisol levels can also affect antibody responses. This test is a measure of the individual’s response to stress.

These hormones not only affect metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and lipid but also serve as modulator to the thyroid and help the body to manage stress. There is also a measurement a secretory IgA which is associated with autoimmune disease due to intestinal barrier dysfunction.


I feel that food allergies are extremely important and I measure both IgE (immediate) and IgG food intolerance responses.

IgG4 responses are actually more common than IgE which causes immediate reaction.

These intolerant reactions are more difficult to notice since they can occur hours or even days after the consumption of the offending food. These hidden food allergies are actually food sensitivities and are caused by increasing blood levels of IgG4 antibodies to a specific foods.

These IgG immediate symptoms may include asthma, arthritis, migraines, ear infections, eczema, sinusitis, urticaria, colitis, and autoimmune diseases.


I feel that infections can lead to chronic disease. We look at infections like Lyme, ehrlichia, Babesia, Bartonella, mycoplasma, and chlamydia. In addition, Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, HHV-6, herpes, West Nile and others may at times be measured.

Depending on which infections are present an appropriate treatment is done.


Autoantibodies are antibodies produced in the body when exposed to a foreign material.

This foreign material can be pesticides, food, heavy metals, or infection. Autoimmune diseases are discussed in great length on my website, and please visit it if you need more information. We do an autoantibody test that predicts autoantibodies to several different organs in your body including your brain, heart, spinal cord, heart, joints and others .


I feel that your immunity is very important to your longevity, as well as fighting infections.

I check natural killer cells which kill cancer and infections, as well as TH1, TH2, and TH17 immunity markers. These are checked depending on the patient’s medical problem.


In cases were there is evidence of depression, mood swings, or mental instability, amino acid precursors and all prescription drugs are sometimes used. These are followed up by neurotransmitters which can check levels of dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and other brain chemistry. This is then maintained at optimal therapeutic levels.


Thermography is FDA approved for breast screening. It was approved in 1982. I have been performing thermography since 2007. If you are interested in further information on this, please see my website for further information. The sensitivity for thermography for breast scanning according to the American Journal of Surgery is 97%. It can pickup early changes in your breast and Dean R. Silver, M.D. can institute integrative therapies and when warranted breast MRIs are then ordered.

The test can detect an excess of estrogen, as well as inflammation. Other parts of the body are also examined for the inflammatory process. It is an excellent tool for pain.


I perform musculoskeletal ultrasound to evaluate joints and soft tissues in the body.

After visualization, when indicated, I perform Prolozone guided ultrasound injections. If you are interested in Prolozone, please see a complete discussion of this on my website.


Oxygen utilization and aerobic capacity decrease as we age. As we age, we develop low oxygen levels with increased free radicals which cause all of the diseases of aging.

Through intravenous ozone this can be reversed. I perform ozone under an investigational research board. Hyperbaric oxygen is also administered and is especially useful for stroke victims and nonhealing wounds.


Telomere testing is in essence our biological age. As we age telomere shrinks and with that comes chronic disease. We perform a blood analysis of your telomere length.

Pending review of the study and integrated therapies to prolong your telomere length can be performed.


I believe cancer detection is very very important. We perform a test called the ONCOBLOT . The ONCOblot was developed at Purdue Research University, and can detect 26 different primary cancers with a sensitivity of 99%. Please ask Dean R. Silver, M.D. for more information. The test is described in great detail in my website.


Dean R. Silver, M.D. is a survivor of cancer himself. He performs many integrated and alternative therapies. One of the most important one is sending the blood to Europe to the RGCC laboratory.

The laboratory can detect circulating cancer cells which will determine if you have remission or cure. The test also tests for many different sensitivities of chemotherapy along with natural substances. The test is cutting edge. Dean R. Silver, M.D. can work along with your oncologist if necessary. Find out what works including all your natural substances.


Now you know why we age and how to reverse the hands of time. Now you know what health is and what personalized health management is. After reviewing your health questionnaires, you understand where your imbalances are. After extensive testing, Dean R. Silver, M.D. develops a program based for you, your genetic expression, and biochemical individuality.

The program is based on:

  1. Nutraceuticals based on your testing revealing your requirements. Each patient is different.
  2. Bioidentical hormones based on your testing.


  1. With IV therapies, these include IV Myers cocktail, glutathione, plaquex, vitamin C, ozone, immunity intravenous drips, fatigue intravenous drips, fibromyalgia intravenous drips, and many others. The intravenous is tailored to your particular situation.
  2. Heavy metal detox (Chelation) depending on what metals are present in your body.
  3. Far infrared sauna is an excellent way of detoxification from the skin. Fat soluble toxins, as well as heavy metals can be excreted. Blood pressure is also lowered and studies have shown that there can be improvement in cardiac function. Remember the skin is a major organ of detoxification.
  4. Oxygen therapies with ozone and hyperbaric.
  5. PEMF pulsed electromagnetic frequency. This is discussed in great detail on Dean R. Silver, M.D. site.
  6. Light beam generator therapy. This is also discussed in great detail on Dean R. Silver, M.D. site.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Diet.


I am a cancer survivor and a heart disease survivor, my recent circulating tumor cells from Greece, were negative. In 2000, I had an abnormal EKG and chest pain. It is now gone and I have no further symptoms. My health is quite good. This program was developed by me, for me, and I am now offering it to interested patients in the

Scottsdale and surrounding communities. I believe that the patient is in the driver’s seat and you can change your genetic expression for a longer healthier life.

If you are interested in learning more about this life extension program, please call my office for a consultation.

Best in health,

Dean R. Silver, M.D.