Naturopathic Detoxification From a M.D Cardiologist

Naturopathic Detoxification From a M.D Cardiologist

Having been very sick myself, I know that NATUROPATHIC detoxification is essential in your house. The only thing that matters is what has caused your symptoms and whether you have enough knowledge to reverse it and get rid of the cause. Since you are reading this, you are probably serious about healing your body and detoxifying it. For every symptom, there is an opportunity to find and fix whatever is broken. At times I use medications, but I feel that a NATUROPATHIC approach to disease with detoxification is essential.


There is incontrovertible evidence that environmental chemicals are everywhere and we cannot avoid them. Not only do these environmental chemicals get into the body, but once they are there we do not have the metabolism to get rid of them, so they silently stockpile. It is well known that these toxins that are ever increasing in our body in our toxic world are the underlying cause of nearly all diseases. I use a NATUROPATHIC approach in getting rid of the toxins in hopes of helping disease states.


Our foods in plastic wraps are toxic. They have phthalates that outgases from these plastics, so it is found in our food and beverage packing. These toxins leak into our food supply.


These are another man-made chemical family and are also an inescapable part of our food supply. They are created in part to manufacture our plastics, pesticides and other chemicals. They are spewed from industrial smokestacks, taken up in the clouds, and rained out over the soil where they are taken up by the plants, and we use them for food for animals and humans.


Environmental endocrine disrupters act like a monkey wrench in the normal chemistry of hormones. They can for example damage hormone receptors and cause havoc in our body. By blocking and botching up the actions of our own hormones and other cell regulators, they can cause disease like infertility, fatigue, depression, mood swings, memory loss, endometriosis, loss of libido and others.


Are plasticizers and pesticides the only toxins we get from our food? No, not by a long shot. Heavy metals are just one more example of deadly hidden toxins in our foods. There is mercury toxicity from bottom-dwelling shellfish and fish such as clams, crabs, lobsters, mussels, oysters, flounder, and smaller fish that feed around the mouths of rivers as well as large fish like swordfish and tuna that will feed on the smaller fish. These all stockpile heavy metals from upstream industry. Cadmium, aluminum, mercury, antimony, lead, and arsenic are some of the heavy metals added to the food chain from the upstream industrial discharges, pesticide runoffs, incinerator emissions, and manufacturing smokestacks as well as aviation, auto, and commercial vehicle exhaust.


There is not a home office, institution, or manufacturing site where plastics do not abound. They are used in construction, building products, plastic baby bottles, baby rattles, plastic crib bumpers, car seats, mattresses, and are found all around the house. Not only do these plasticizers or phthalates get into our food, but they are in our everyday air.


We insulated our homes using urea-formaldehyde foam insulation and moved into new mobile or pre-fab homes. The average carpet outgases over a dozen chemicals, all of which are capable of creating disease. Certainly many of the faulty furnaces have spawned many diseases over the years. Construction materials like paints, wallboards, plasticizers, phenols in plywood, formaldehyde in pressed wood, kitchen cabinets, etc., are causing a problem.


The average city water is contaminated. Our water is poisoned chiefly by industrial pollution via smokestacks and waste water plus artificial fertilizer as well as heavy metals that bioaccumulate in the body and pesticide runoff from agriculture. Fluoride is a good example of a toxin that is deliberately added to water. Fluoride has been linked to behavioral disorders, birth defects, flu-like symptoms and arthritis. Fluoride acts much like a heavy metal in damaging enzymes as well as disrupting the thyroid gland. Fluoride has also been seen to increase bone cancers as well as hip fractures. In addition to this we find chlorine trichloroethylene in our water supply.


Our bodies are accumulating toxins from our toxic environment. Silicone, titanium, heavy metals, coal tars, methylacrylates are just to mention a few.


This is the process of cleaning the body of accumulated toxins. As mentioned above, we have toxins that accumulate from various sources, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, dental fillings, vaccines, prescription drugs, etc. Toxins are just about everywhere, in our homes, gardens, cars, offices, and schools.

NATUROPATHIC approach to detoxification is extremely important. The body detoxifies in several different ways, through the liver, through phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways, through the bile, through the urine, through the sweat and through breathing. There are now 80,000 synthetic compounds that industry employs, and that is polluting our environment. I use a NATUROPATHIC approach to supplement detoxification.

Various aspects of phase 2 liver detoxification requires specific nutritional compounds to do their work. For example, glutathione, a potent antioxidant, is a must for detoxifying various pharmaceutical drugs and a wide range of pollutants, alcohol, and fungus found in foods. I use glutathione in the office as well as the three amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamine, along with vitamin C. The importance of drinking alkaline water as well as a good diet and, on occasion, I employ a far infrared sauna to speed detoxification. I feel that a NATUROPATHIC approach to detoxification is imperative to accelerate the healing process.

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