I am board-certified, specializing in cardiology, anti-aging medicine and internal medicine. Twelve years ago I was extremely ill and my treatment was based on a NATUROPATHIC medicine approach.

About Dean Silver MD

NATUROPATHIC medicine and conventional medicine are both viable types of treatments that help my patients. Conventional medicine is crucial in most emergency situations. When you have chest pain, you should go to the hospital and have traditional medicine.

NATUROPATHIC medicine is the best approach to prevention because it involves a well-oriented diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, vitamins and detoxification.

NATUROPATHIC medicine is oftentimes the best step in dealing with chronic illness because these chronic conditions often improve with diet, lifestyle, and vitamin therapy.

For most diseases I use a combination of conventional medicine and NATUROPATHIC medicine.

At times drugs or surgeries are needed and at times vitamins and detox is needed. I also use natural hormone balance which I find extremely important in my patients. I have been on natural hormones myself for 15 years.

NATUROPATHIC medicine attempts to treat the root cause of the disease so the body can heal itself. In my case, I had several dental issues which caused me to have an abnormal PET scan compatible with a lymphoma in my chest.

I feel that a blend of NATUROPATHIC medicine and conventional medicine is best. I obtain conventional labs and studies along with alternative tests, like vitamin levels, allergy panels, and metabolism panels which help establish the right diagnosis for my patients.


Having suffered through a chronic, devastating illness, my aim, like the aim of NATUROPATHIC doctors, is to focus on restoring health and preventing disease. As NATUROPATHIC doctors do, I look at the whole person, not just the sickness. I look at natural ways of curing and find it especially necessary that the body have a strong natural defense and ability to heal itself. I feel that immune support is very important. As a medical doctor with a NATUROPATHIC approach, I address the fundamental causes of health problems, not just the symptoms. I attempt to support the body’s natural healing ability and use the safest, most effective medicines available.


I use prescription drugs and order conventional studies, but I also use NATUROPATHIC remedies such as detoxification, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and essential fatty acid supplementation. At times, intravenous nutritional therapy, as well as hormone balancing, is needed.


In summary, I am a traditional M.D., board-certified physician, who practices a NATUROPATHIC approach.

With various elements of NATUROPATHIC medicine added to my practice, I feel it is the best, combining both conventional and NATUROPATHIC medicine for my patients.

I, myself, due to my illness, realize the benefits of NATUROPATHIC medicine in addition to conventional medicine. If you would like more information, or would like to be seen in consultation, please call my office.

Please understand, I have a holistic, complementary, NATUROPATHIC approach to medicine, BUT I AM A BOARD CERTIFIED M.D.

Dean Silver, M.D.